Twenty-four Hour Short Story Contest - Green Dust

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Green Dust

Strange things were happening in the city, the weather was suddenly no longer pleasant and a heat wave was affecting all the inhabitants, high temperatures that had never been recorded before started to rise and the cause of the problem was unknown. The homeless and the elderly were the most affected, people took refuge in their homes and lit the air conditioners to cool off, the streets and parks that used to be noisy were now desolated.

The nights that had always been cool were now unbearable in Peter's humble home, he had no air conditioning and the sweltering heat did not let him fall asleep. He got out of bed and looked out the window, sweat running down his small body as he remembered the vacation he had spent with his family in the lake, he wished he could dive and swim in that beautiful deep blue waters. While looking through the window his mind traveled through his memories, and suddenly, a very bright light made him return to reality and he noticed while looking at the sky that a spaceship was about to land in his garden, Peter could notice that it was the size of a small car, he had never seen anything like it but although he was very scared, his eyes did not look away from the ship.

As the ship landed it turned off its lights and everything fell into darkness, Peter ran to his bed and covered himself with a blanket, his heart beated at a rapid pace and he stayed very still waiting for something to happen, but nothing happened, he fell asleep. In the morning Peter thought that it had all been a dream and after breakfast he left his house to go to school, he looked towards the garden and something caught his attention, where the ship had landed the night before now was a hole full of emerald green powder that shone with the sun. Peter was surprised and took some of that green dust, put it in his pocket and ran to school, it was too late for his math class. Strangely, he did not feel as hot anymore and thought the weather was changing, "I'll be able to play with my friends in the park soon," Peter thought.

When he arrived at the school everyone was in the building, nobody was seen outside since the temperature of the climate was increasing and the heat was unbearable. When he crossed the door to enter to the school, John and Alex were in a corner and looked at him with hatred; every day Peter was a subject to their pranks and insults. As they passed by his side they pushed him and began to beat him for no reason, Peter took out his pocketed green dust and threw it into their eyes, the dust spread like a green cloud all over the room and everyone who was there was poured with a little of that dust. Peter got up and in the chaos he was able to run to the classroom. At recess time Peter could see many children in the park, some no longer felt the heat and played happily, but other children were inside the building and could not leave because of the intense weather, it seemed very strange.

As the school ended Peter felt very hungry and decided to go home, after eating a delicious lunch he went to his neighbors' house to play with his friend Mary and tell her about the green dust in her garden. When Mary touched the dust and went out into the yard to play, she no longer felt the intense heat and it was there that Peter realized it was because of the magical dust, but she also noticed that the children who hit him that had also had contact with the dust had not been “cured” as Mary was.

Over time in many places in the city holes were found with the strange green dust, but not everyone who had contact with this dust could stop feeling the effect of the heat, the climate was increasing and many people died, Peter did not understand why some people were saved and others were not. He thought that people with a good heart and who did good were those whose dust caused some effect, but why did some people who in the eyes of everyone go to church and do good deeds keep dying? With time Peter realized that there are false people who in the eyes of others seem good, but who have a black heart that can not fool the green dust.

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This is an entry for @mctiller writing contest: Click here if you are interested!

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