Live OCDB curation with @hiddenblade


Doing some live curation today on Twitch! Come drop in our stream, get yourself a Steem account, hit that follow button and drop your post you'd like us to curate live in the chat!

For this stream we will only be accepting short-form posts such as photography posts, video content and art that won't take too much time per user so we can get through many in one stream. For longer content please drop them in the comment section here and we'll curate those after the stream. :)

I'm also experimenting with some new streaming features, this one is called loyalty points which means that active viewers will earn a certain amount of Steem every 30 minutes, active chatters will earn 2 Steem, followers another Steem, etc. Come try it out with us but since I'm not sure if it will work there's no guarantees yet.

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Hey now, that's great idea!

I hope you do more of these videos and live streaming. :)

I also have access to a webinar platform if you wish to do one on a platform like that. It can host up to 200 viewers, has an interactive whiteboard and more. Happy to donate its use for worth projects like this.

Cheers :D

Dammit, I was playing video games instead... Also, Amazon jipped me of my film orders with my gift codes! I'm peeved!

I wish I had a short form of post to be able to participate too but nevertheless, if I don't, doesn't mean I shouldn't expose the opportunity to other!

@acidyo - I had never participated in a Twitch live feed before. Got a ton of questions now about how to integrate with Steem.

Since I just joined I was not able to chat so I will include my link here:

Keep up the great work! Look forward to catching up with you in a future Twitch stream.

I'ld like to suggest @quantumdeveloper. She/he does great scientific contests that I enjoy very much.

Keep up the good work!

I have actually never used twitch or even watched a live stream on it so I might have to check this out. In the mean time here is a post of mine about helping the salmon population on the Columbia River. Cheers and Steem on!!