We're Starting To Get It

3년 전

This streaming thing is a little harder than I thought. We had to scrap a few days because of technical problems but it worked today and this is what we got. Still a long way to go but way better than yesterday.

We are going to start streaming our daily quest(s) because we can't find anyone playing @steemmonsters on Twitch. We also talked a bit about @buttcoins and @steemmatt after we had a good laugh about my tooth that broke out yesterday.

We are going to try to figure out how to do interviews on there and see if we can't get interesting folks on Whaleshares and Steemit to talk with us to bring more awareness to the platforms and the unique personalities that hang out on them.

If you get a chance, stop by at:

between 1PM and 2PM on weekdays and probably have some fun times on the weekends.

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You two have nice chemistry. Thanks for the shout out.

To clarify, I only collect recycling. In my US city, they have different nights for trash and for recycling. I try to keep my hands clean, and the recycling is most often as clean as if it was taken off someone's shelf since they're in clear plastic bags or boxes. It's insane. Feel free to skim back in my blog or Google steemmatt and recycling to see years of examples with pictures you wouldn't believe.

They also actually have major team operations to collect bottles with small armies of people and rental trucks that get filled to the brim.

Since you discussed saving coffee, I find Keurig, Nespresso De'Longhi and Breville coffee machines outside on the curbs all of the time. There are other brands, but they're usually not valuable. I don't take the full Keurigs unless they're a higher end model, but always take the K-Cup 1-3 part holder set, grates and drip trays since they sell like... coffee. While not worth much, I also often have a standing listing for the single one piece K-Cup holder since they're virtually everywhere outside.

Here's one of the nicer ones I found 200 feet down the street form my apartment that I sold for a discounted $380 cash. It's a Rancilio Miss Silvia.

I quit my job about 4.5 years ago to to thrifting and hit 15+ stores a day here, but I don't need to thrift at all now as recycling is all I need, plus it's helping a bigger cause at no risk.


Thanks. I married her for her on-screen presence. lol

That's amazing about the recycling thing. We only live in a town of 1000 but we have a free dump and at the dump is the share shed, wood pile and scrap metal pile. We are allowed to take whatever we like from them and much of what we have at home is from there. It is over an hour to the next town with any large stores so it is a welcome thing. We got our dishwasher from there and it still had the warranty and owners manual in it. I guess the people who bought the new house decided white wasn't in and went with stainless or something and we were just in the middle of renovating our kitchen. In white.

We will definitely check out your stuff and when we get all this stuff figured out, maybe we could do an interview or something when we have our Steemit days. My buddy is going to figure out how we could do discord audio for people who aren't set up for Twitch so that anyone can join in.

At the rate we are going it will be a while though. lol

Nice shout out guys😎✊. yeah... we do accept crypto at hostel del lago.
yeah im gonna get you guys some quotes for them toothy Peggy thingies😅
you guys are hilarious.... the wedding tooth story was great and cracked up at your new blow hole🤣
check me out... this was me out on the lake yesterday