We're Twitchers Now

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So for those of you that don't know already, my wife and I do videos every now and then. Mostly they are mental health related but sometimes we just do fun ones too.

This one is from last year at about this time.

So we do not like editing ourselves and we were thinking about streaming our videos live so we could interact with anyone who wanted to, and after contemplating it for a year we decided:

Fuck it!

I mean what the fuck? We are empty nesters and what better way to impress our kids than to be a Twitcher? They already spend a good amount of time on Twitch and we long for the day they are going to go see pewdiepie or whatever other gamers they watch and see a live stream of their parents wrestling for sub-points.

I still don't know how sub points work but I know there are bits that people can give you to help you buy a new thrift store wardrobe.

Speaking of thrift stores, we can't wait to live stream our trips to the thrift and the Share Shed. That's the best way to show your kids how cool you are. Twitching and Thrifting.

Hey, that's not bad. Maybe we could do it every bag day. Show everybody what $5 will get you around here.

This is a lighter-hearted video we did for our pod.

So anyhow, that's why I haven't been altogether present lately and probably won't be until I figure out all the technical shit that goes along with this. If you feel like checking us out we will be streaming every weekday from 1PM-2PM Pacific Time and we will be trying to get a hangout going on the weekend too. It's just going to take some time to get things figured out as to what works for everyone.

Well, if you get a chance, throw us a follow and try to pop in for a chat. We are at:https://www.twitch.tv/crankyelders

Oh, I guess I can't just put the link in here either. Alrighty, we are here:


We hope to see you around to shoot the proverbial shit or just to up our viewer count so we can show you ads and make mad bank like pewdiepie.

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Hey thanks, @c-squared. I'm glad to see you are still banging away doing good things.

You guys are so adorable. I hope I get a cool wife that indulges in my shenigans and wants to do fun stuff with me like this. @steemmatt makes posts about finding hidden gems and flipping them for a ton of profit, thats sort of like thrifting I guess.

I'll try to watch as many episodes as I can. Good luck guys


Thanks, buddy. You will probably be able to find one but I had to wait 38 years for this one. Once you go through all the girls you need to figure out what you don't want, it's easier to see what you do want.

We will check out @steemmatt and see what we should be doing. We never sell our stuff but my mom does and she knows what is worth what and who wants to buy it.

That's cool if you have a Twitch account we would love to see you there. If you do any streaming let me know and I will watch if I'm not driving.

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