Winners | Guessing Steem Team Mentor #7 - TPC Tokens + Steem Rewarded

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Hello Steemians,

Last week, we had a contest for all of you to guess which community is going to be Steem Mentor Team #7!

We have 9 entries in the contest!

Thank you so much for your participation.

The correct answer?

Steem Mentor Team #7 | TypeEarn Mentors

Rewards to our Winners

Out of the 9 participants, we have 8 winners.

The following 5 Steemians are qualified to receive 3 TPC + 2 STEEM:

Not only did they guess the platform correctly, they also gave great explanations as to why TypeEarn Platform is chosen for Steem Mentor Team #7

1. @ajks

The colour of Picture and the position of hands on it clearly indicates that the upcoming mentor program will be organised to onboard users on the TypeEarn platform. A tribe based on typing skills. Where anyone can improve typing skills by using this platform and also earn some tokens as rewards for their work. Such an amazing platform where we can learn and earn both. If someone wants to learn typing then there is nothing better than TypeEarn. Steem blockchain really giving allot to the people around the world. From now I highly recommend all my friends to learn typing using TypeEarn.

2. @alokkumar121

My answer is- TypeEarn
Both hands in typing posture clearly shows that its about newly launched platform TypeEarn which was shared by @tykee
This is a great platform which allows us to learn and earn TPC tokens at the same time. We all need a good typing because we are content creators but here we can earn while learning. I am calling my few friends to try it out and I am sure it will be helpful for them as well.

3. @reeta0119

I had seen few promotion Post about this tribe in steem and even seen TPC tokens in SE.
Although I am yet to start with it but I like the concept behind it. I am not too good in typing so hope with this one I can improve. Mentor program will surely bring more users on board and help this platform to grow.

4. @amico.pal

This is easy: it's typeearn created by @tykee... it's an amazing new Dapp where you can earn learning. Love it!

5. @princessdani

It is a platform that brings a different way to get rewards apart from being in a fun way can increase the writing speed ...

The following 3 Steemians are qualified to receive 3 TPC for guessing the contest correctly:

1. @nikoleondas

2. @miti

3. @cryptomaniacsgr


Congratulations to all of you!

The contest is sponsored by the founder @tykee and will be giving out the rewards to you. Please check your Steem wallet and Steem-Engine wallet later.

We will be moving to the next step to start recruiting TypeEarn Mentors.

You can nominate people here in the comment below.

Let me know who you think are suitable to be TypeEarn Mentors. You can also nominate yourself.

Let's get the fun going,


I am the Founder of Steem Mentor Teams


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Glad to be in winner list and I nominate myself for a mentor.
Thanks @rosatravels


Thank you so much for being an awesome Partiko Partner! You have received a 100% upvote as benefit. Together, let’s change the world!

Crazy how really effective the amount of tags are. We need to liberate tags! Just like Tweeter... it will bring amazing "prizes"!

Hi, would like to participate as a mentor, from the beginning I have seen this platform's good potential.

@pialejoana do you join?


@raulmz Thank you for the mention... You are always welcome ... And yes, I would also like to participate as a mentor.

Typeearn is a dynamic and particular platform, anyone could fall in love with its minimalism...!