Hello Steemit! My name is Elias aka TYPEO, I am a DJ with a bachelor in Social theology ( I know you are confused)

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Hello all Steemers!:)


I am so glad I finally joined the Steem community!!!

My name is Ilias and I am 27 years old. I live in Athens Greece, yeah the country with the beatiful sun and the economic crisis. I live with my dog rudy, an 8 year old mini pincher.


I studied Social Theology here in Athens and Tourism and I am also a self taught Dj. I play and promote music event in Athens Greece. I have played with a lot of famous Dj's met a lot of awesome people and artists some of them became friends for life.

I am a huge Movie and tv fan, a comic collector. my favorite series is Breaking bad and rick and morty.



Living in Greece is not so easy, with the economic crisis and all, but I believe that through hard times people are more united and more sybathetic so from a social aspect I can see that people are more open here and we are making the best we can.

I really look forward to contribe to this community connect with more people. I will try and upload videos about Greek culture , music videos , sociothelogical conversations and many many more.

Please feel free to give any advice about this new platform and the topics you want me to upload.

Here are some links to some of my social media:




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You look like a really cool guy! I love your dog and hobby, I wish I had a dog like yours ;)
Welcome on Steemit!


Thank you, he really is great, I will upload more of him really soon.

Welcome to Steemit! I'm sure you'll find this to be an interesting endeavour.
Maybe my musically inclined family can get you involved with the music end of Steem. Must of us are a bunch of nerds too.
I'm not much of a musician, writings up more up my ally, but I'm the odd one out.

Happy Steeming!

Hey @typeo, happy to have you join steemit. We have a very strong music community here and are all about helping each other out! I am also 27 years of age and a recording artist in the US.

Anyway, I would be interested in hearing more about how you promote music. Do you help artists book shows? If so I am just starting to pan out looking for bigger opportunities. I just landed my first show outside of the state where I live. I would love to maybe see if we could work together!

You got my follow. I'll also check out your Facebook and Instagram.

If you find the time you can check out my music at

~Real Amor~

!!!Keep On Steemin'!!!

Welcome to the community bro. Have a happy stay here.