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“When inspiration is silent reason tires quickly.”

― Roger Zelazny, Trumps of Doom

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  1. The Burning, 5 : Even less much since yesterday but its postingday-today ... Other than stuff the maid should have been doing if my life weren't completely future-stolen and the usual walking around in spirals looking if miracles aren't falling from the sky i mostly found that, given the current Orwellian nightmare that has been and IS BEING created i need to move alleycat towards snippets . The rest, if any will be at vorlonempire.one . Most will be awaiting cloudflare and the latter isn't really made for friendly user access ... not that im rallying for world war 3, i just feel its become REALLY hard to say five words in a row without someone on the planet taking offense and the last thing i want there is my original domain name under attack of some wannabe stuck in something they dont even understand themselves (BUT ITS ALWAYS COOL ... to be part of the group) .. which is a lot more comment than i should give here too (how very nice this world of yours became in the last ten - fifteen years) but i still can't find Kanamori-chi or a twin-set of asian supermodels in my bed and head so i'm left to my own devices and my silver tongue be killing werewolves .. dogs as a subspecies seem to be somewhat less resistant ... i TRY ... i try ... the context menu had me yesterday while my head was rotting, spend FOUR hours on the fact that -1 (minus one) is not NOT ... if you get that you get that and if you dont its too much to explain really ... syntax and all that. where php would return a true or false on about every find or search-type function or magical stuff other stuff doesn't always do that (the short version, 'my kind of short' ... cant you just say yes or no? NO! but that's like a buddhist koan right ?) right ... nah thats gud, im not going anywhere, my lifes not going anywhere, all timelines with a future i could live with have been closed ... alleycat gives me snippet space and the vorlon empire , well ... "i have always been here" after all we are all Kosh and "you do not understand" :), so WHO ARE YOU ?
  2. The Burning, 4 : Not too much in the last weeks ... summertime, short nights, i'm not Davey or Lindeier and even if i were at some point there's not much left anyway. I'm already glad i can manage to slip in a few bytes between the witching hour and the hour of the wolf. I think i might print a cheat-sheet with the functions and variables soon ... totally mega-superdesign. Basic character generation is maybe close to mount & blade somehow, there's LOTS of stats under the hood but none in sight and you get to pick a background which will set you up with a set of stats a starterskill(s) and some modifiers ... but you won't see numbers (as i said, i dont think its made for mass adoption :) ...
  3. The Burning, 1 : shifted The Burning up one month in Worldsend calendar (closer) - severe pain from the neck up, thinking is forced so it takes 50 times the time + i cant remember since its not a thought but words and i have to waste blank on brainpain to think what i was doing just a moment ago ... the database is 50mb i think, adding skills (for testing ofc.) i assume 255 skills will be plenty if i split traits and professions (255 skills?). thing is its 255 or 65535 , like it skips a bit somewhere, a byte, thing is things is storing it serialized is handy but using an associative array with nametags ... is hungry
  4. The Burning, 29 : zoom +1 ... release it as separate games they say ... so who's paying who for what exactly ? since someone seems to have to say something ? i must have misheard. I have REAL silly notions, like "the more readable your code gets the less you will remember how it actually works ... unless you're one of those autists who can recite a bible word by word perhaps, or maybe its just me ... uh-huh and x hours later, still moving to generics (in my own peculiar ways) - i am now of firm conviction that getcontext() (or as the l33t would say GetContext()) is gonna be integral and essential. It's not quite civilization and its not quite LCP but it has a blob-shaped blob in my mind , somehow, but thats just the flatlands system. I dont know, precious, uhm ... linux trovolds spent a lifetime on loonies ... so ... ? (yea but he probably had something to prove or wanted to , i know) i dont think this work realtime AND secure , certainly not from a €100 a year webserver but afaik lag is what makes secure since the client wobbles around , so its turnbased but its also based on a real world time which is the games world time. Im still not convinced it will get mass adoption, even if evil-Besos were to sell it ... ... getcontext : as simple as "you are faced with a thick jungle in front of you, what do you do" (zork, remember? i DO still have the dvd) - you cant go through but if you have a machete or jungling skills you might ... thats the simplest version i can think of ... fear no mercy as i said when i thought steemit was gonna make me money i was digging up computational linguistics to make interactive feeds connecting into a game (but it was not gud content and the paladins wrecked it, the reason why the house of morgan hasnt received any love ... if its for $0 then its not gonna be this or that ... but BLEH , and meh ... i have been undere severe pain, brain- and other all night , i think due to alien mindprobes and "YOU SHOULD BE DOING ..." as this town is nazi and that is how it works (but so does the whole country) - HAH, yes, well i have yapped a-plenty about how if causality is real and you can calculate omega (or beyond) if you have all data OR the formula you can from the big bang see every position of every particle at any given point in time and in essence if you believe the laws of time and space to be absolute you can predict where they will be , so how hard can it be to juggle 100 citizens and a player and some npcs given 'a point in time' ? (hehhe .. yea : hehhe ...)
  5. The Burning, 28 : re-arranging ... as the main program moves to the 1500+ lines of code (without the functions) both ZeroDesing and Syntax Error feel the need. Still not convinced about the evil of subroutines though - it's basic after all. It often seems a lot more hassle to have to pass everything including all 3d tiles and the whole set of menubuttons + the width and height of the device and six or seven others to a function where they become local copies. Either that or re-declaring half of it INSIDE the function which is, to the best of my knowledge one instruction or OP at least per declaration (extra), which kinda makes subroutines ... i dont know ... attractive in a lot of cases. And its not a website or some python thing - its a game. And also not sure : if you use php you pass those things by reference (at the risk of altering them but i assume you know if it will or wont since you wrote that function since me is i and that is that , to save memory, right ? memory - the main issue in php related stuff (look at json and serialized arrays versus custom structures w/ implode/explode or the likes, you will find yourself shoveling around a LOT more bytes than you actually have to in a LOT of cases, but its EASY, and READABLE ... which doesnt make it better ... and efficient ...) question is : i assume passing by reference creates a pointer or something b/c the data in the variable can be changed WITHIN the function AND it will be changed after the function returns, but does that require an extra cycle ? I'm thinking cycles more as its 'in the loop' that counts for the game. Does a pointer require an extra cycle, whereas a variable used in a subroutine does not ? im not THAT savvy, although plenty would probably think it thinks too far but i dont, i think if you cant fix moore's law thinking like that will be your only option (as well as getting rid of the silly notion of building a billions dollars supercomputer ... and then run python on it ??!?) anyway ... yes i wish, i wish i were ... like not tired after two or three hours and still jolly good ole 'Jo with 150 people in his phone, the socializer, cat and stuff , but i'm not ... if you want the metafor, you like bibles and cars right ? good : so you take a sledgehammer and you work your car over for several years . And then one day you go ... O but ! and you buy it a new coat of paint and in the morning you look at the crumbled heap of freshly painted metal and you realize ... this isn't really fixed overnight ... you ... me ... entropy, broken eggs and cake
  6. The Burning, 27 : timing of the essence .. in essence the world is not supposed to stop when you log out and so : timing and calculation of events BUT howto - if you sit for 8 hours and get attacked its gonna be at a certain time, and what happens after depends on what happens there. Its nothing new or special (but what is) if in something like stronghold kingdoms your scouts tell you there's a stash of this or that or you move an army to a city because your scouts tell you its ill-defended, then by the time you get there someone else picked up the stash OR reinforcements came in from an angle you didnt see ... that game has been running for what ? 10 years or more, people actually PAY them , and so ... its far less weird than it seems, it just sounds weird because its me and you get your kneejerk reaction (plus the fact that im not allowed to do anything but crazy , cuzz). Huh yea, the website, i know i know, but the client is just more interesting, you know how it goes with new toys .. i was expecting to have to re-compile a custom version of firefox and then i found that ... and on the other hand , as well as on this hand, i can see how much traffic and response i get but ... maybe some still dont get it : i am damaged, my life is FUCKED, there is no acceptable future left, i will very likely spend my days in a place i hate and its not a product, i am not asking or researching 'what people want' , i am not an AAA+ studio with millions, i am a rank amateur with nothing but one cat left and of the things i wanted to do : making a game is the only one left i could ... i am not competing, i am not interested in competitive psychopaths crawling up my ass because they HAVE TO ... none of that intrests me ... in case theres still some who missed that
  7. The Burning, 26 : well ... the long awaited shader pack ... im quite content i waited for a sale and a deal since a simple scene with one body of water wont go over 20fps ... which makes it probably un-usable for my purposes. Severe lack of sleep again had me wake up with burning eyes and sore but im slightly confused on the bits that go "Please do not share any of this code" in this shaderpack i bought ... i must be missing the point of paying for it somehow
  8. The Burning, 25 : its hot , and still calm at the moment ... but as often said , after so much time in hell, calm just feels like "they're planning something" where they is fill in the dots ... but as for the game, well plenty on all sides. I was wondering since it keeps 'real time' serverside (on the World's End 10 month calendar) how to go about stuff like construction in a world thats low magic because some things would take years ... not a real problem as such since there is no design, just a general idea and i feel the world is more important than whatever shape the games take and since i DID decide to make at least every zone in the lower wards different there's ample room AND skyrim does without construction ... Fallout too ... i was just wondering , i guess im up for some r & ...d ? not r, right , it seems building roads in the desert or something might be a bit of an issue playing day-by-day
  9. The Burning, 22 : brain and other pain , summertime - exTREMELY short nights ... revamping the serverside bit that sends the current mapwindow so it stays within bounds (probably not for the last time) ... tsch tsch, well that's an official request , it can either be officially ignored or officially replied to, in any case its official and written :) - *no comment* its serious to ME , very ... haaah, well the question was serious, i would like to be treated like a serious citizen even if i'm not the descendant of a slave from kongo. That shit's been very real, and utterly annoying, waiting for me to snap on some protozoan braincell-ass ... pardon my french ... i dont live in Dijon after all or i could fix everything myself and fast too ...(ow shit off-topic ... KANAMORICHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, ta (su) ke te ? my zbelling is teh suck) the whole intention is to AVOID more hassle by preventing escalation ... i'm not ne fucking pispot, yo ... kapish maybe?
    this might not look like much

    Screenshot from 2020-07-05 07-12-53.png

    but it's the start of a pretty big deal towards the game mechanics , thats zoomlevel zero so if i do i what i think atm then after zoomlevel 1 there wil be zoomlevel 2 on some types of tiles ... but , you will see in 2150 i suppose, or not if not .. first need to survive sars 3 and the food riots

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    i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

    the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

  10. no salespitch

    no mediahype

    the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

    *Shrouded in mist* *on hilltop lies* *the City of Night*
    (tyr - nan - noght)

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