@tyrnannoght : an obol for charon

2년 전

It's also a Star Trek episode apparently ...

I'm not the graphical artist here and i keep saying my designer girlfriend aint home - but i need one for the limbo maps, what for will be apparent to people who play later

so i got my blender on

at first i was messing with a plane and trying cycles but frankly, graphics are not my primary concern at the moment so since that would take too much time i google some, turns out you can bump by adding the same texture twice in standard blender render, putting one as colour and the other as "normal".

Turns out blender doesnt have a circle BUT what you can do is take a circle, select all edges and press "f" in edit mode to connect the dots into a face. As the only thing that counts is the image there instead of messing with the texture to give it old-gold/copper gleam i just turned the light to a shade of yellowish-brown and be done with it ...

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