@tyrnannoght : enter the boatman

2년 전

i guess ... yet another animation that's just meant to be used at 64 px ...

Webp.net-gifmaker (1).gif

at 64x64px the details don't really matter much and #blender is certainly a fabulous tool for someone who can't draw anything but stick figures by hand, that's a fact of life

the spritesheet :

will be on #opengameart this week so if anyone then please use it from there, not from my cloudinary account or download it, licence says something like do whatever as long as you link back to the game


I don't know what's going on but i feel like someone's shoved Turingkiller-suppositories up my cant use that word anymore they say, something about selling and #stuff

But whatever it is, if i mind it too much i get nothing done ... and i NEED this for my epic or i wont

what will i not ? anything i think, maybe that's the intention (<- damaged goods, i seem to be the only realizing or seeing the reality of it )

anyway ... more shiney for a game that's barely there

El Gato out ...

owh yea, i looked it up the cloak itself is , until i get my own drape done a FREE model by VilleValo (for which my gratitude, if and when the game pays back i'll throw a few dollars that way for sure) ... is not the dark supreme overlord that will sit at the top of the castle in the city of night on top of the mountain in zone 48 but sure as hell looks great, right ?

anything else so far used is blendered and gimped by me

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