@tyrnannoght - insert keyframe here ...

2년 전

ever tried to animate "just an arm and a hand?"

that's a lot of joints ...

the spritesheet i needed something for "a trap" and was gonna do like 4 quick frames but hell its almost 2am and ends up with something that in still frame looks like a clowns balloon attempt at the alien baby from the movie ...

If it's of any interest to anyone i'll put it on #opengameart later ( https://opengameart.org/users/alleycat ) together with the blenderfile , i don't have the code for it yet either so i guess that's next ... i assume after a few more posts there won't be much to do @tyrzone.tin00 because when limbo works i'm not gonna polish the shiney first i wanna move to the washed up beach and start building the program to run graphics on first - so i can see how it connects , work on the playerfiles and whatnot, loot collection and making sure nothing is doubled or lost ... stuff like that , battles .... that's gonna take a while to get anything displayable probably

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