@tyrnannoght - limbo little update

2년 전

wow, sunday already, time for that one post a week spam

no idea what that is, is it a story ?

yea , story of my life , its a lot of lines and letters though and since a picture is a 1000 words

its quite the book

nine circles of hell, there's actually moving bits on the site - the steempower for the zones is slowly (VERY slowly getting where it needs to be to sustain loot provision later on)

things are looking

(well totally shyte actually , good thing i have this to keep my head occupied)

you can try to escape from limbo if you like

it runs on a phone ... but i wouldnt know how to shrink my fingers to do that, but maybe phone-people know how to, rpgmaker has been around after all ...

and thus it came to pass ... bit by bit, then a byte
but not byte by byte from byte 2 its bit by bit til the next bite

snailpace better than none and best of all

no hype

no salespitch

no fake promises

no money up front :)

haha hah haa, lol enz ...

although according to the elder rules of steemit if its not potter fiction and you're not a top 10 witness then you should ask for peoples money or mastercards because votes is against the rules

i still dont really understand but legalists will be just that, right ...

haha haaa ha, lol etc (not) enjoy ...

or not ...


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