@tyrnannoght : limbo, Thethawing, 13 in the Year of Standing Ground

2년 전

I will minimize the posts here, everything has been "reset" all citizens and testplayers are back in limbo, the inventories are cleared. Just so i can pick up from easy when i do. It's not just the fact that steemnazis and one of their uncle-delegation dickjuice bots could come by at any time and lock down one or more accounts, halting the whole flow until the relevant accounts are transferred to another (which is one word per account in the program that runs in the 1000s of lines but which is REAL MONEY per new account needed) it could even attract the one who defiles the names of great cats because i have a few 100 random quotations from my favourite authors picked on every post and i have a slight hunch on how those bots are programmed by now. So until negative vote weight is GONE this game will always have that liability. Now i wish that were my greatest concern but this thing called real life is trying to crawl up my ass with shit i didnt ask for, removing my whole head for programming at once - which means from e.t.a : nAn to e.t.a. even MORE nAn i still want to do this although the "regular" posts will stop and it will take a bit more than steem at 30 cents to get me back on that for abovementioned reasons not the least ... gud , as this intro will be posted on three posts i already hope the geSTEEMpo bots arent gonna latch on like leeches on uncledelegations dickjuice

non fiction paper books are somewhat like
by the time they hit the shelf they are outdated
like whatever you had in your first years
by the time you graduate
...specially in it ?
no i think it applies on most but history

the dark Catling

Today is Thethawing, 13 in the Year of Standing Ground
As you come to your senses (...dot dot dot blabla etc ... this is seriously not gonna work if i'm kept awake by day...) you feel like this and that, fog all around, faint outlines slow moving in the thick fog. The frozen waste stretches, wailing ... desperate souls


"Where am i?"

You see a faint glimmer in the distance, there's something in the fog ...

Players :
Bartholomew Fetyplace(citizen-trait) gmtesterx Snag(citizen-trait) Subject X14 Subject X13 Hippodamia Wizzelpenning(citizen-trait) Yvon du Mont Morency Ingelward Duclos(citizen-trait) Ula Haafenstaagel(citizen) Knuckles(citizen-trait) Matt(citizen-trait) Scruffy(citizen-trait) Bulettooth Hannah(citizen-trait) Garrelt Upert(citizen) Cici(citizen-trait) Qiao Si(citizen-trait) Matilda Downer(citizen-trait) xgmtester
limbo npc in reach : Charon(npc)

Actions :

gmtester sits around and does nothing in limbo
gmtester2 sits around and does nothing in limbo

“have been prisoner, slave, fugitive, and now king, which I prefer.” ― Jack Vance, Suldrun's Garden
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