@tyrnannoght : limbo, Thethawing, 2 in the Year of Standing Ground

2년 전

my mind is like a tower
of iron will
i shall know no fear
i shall walk blindly
into the darkness, eyes closed
ever forward ...
for i know i will prevail

the dark Catling

Today is Thethawing, 2 in the Year of Standing Ground
As you come to your senses (...dot dot dot blabla etc ... this is seriously not gonna work if i'm kept awake by day...) you feel like this and that, fog all around, faint outlines slow moving in the thick fog. The frozen waste stretches, wailing ... desperate souls


"Where am i?"

You see a faint glimmer in the distance, there's something in the fog ...

Players :
gmtesterx Subject X14
limbo npc in reach : Charon(npc)

Actions :

gmtester2 sits around and does nothing in limbo

“There had been an attempt to humiliate him. It had not succeeded. He had paid, but pain, like pleasure, has no duration. Pride was an entity more persistent.” ― Jack Vance, The Palace of Love
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I explore limbo, looking for a way out.