@tyrnannoght - ofcourse there are bankers in hell ...


7:30 in the morning, if all nights were like this id have a playable game by now lolz

not sure if i wanna go for bit of wrinkled or full fat gloss here but ... that's all fluff ofcourse

proto-morgan , mini morgan ... blender's really something, yo

proto-morgan ... (very gold , man !)

mini-protomorgan for sprite and map use

... ofcourse it's mine, i sometimes wonder why some people still seem to think im bluffing or talking big ... I DONT LIKE SPOTLIGHT, WHY WOULD I TALK BIG ?


i had some videos screencast but i havent cut them (limbo map with the pickups and stuff ...) but its 8 in the morning and i think i've done enough for once ... other #stuff this afternoon anyway ...

Well then ... i case of doubt ... i'm on the game for actual realz still indeed , e.t.a. ? nAn ...

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