Day two at the Africa block chain conference

4년 전

Meeting many new people was the way to go today i cant denay the fact that i got in touch with very many people and shared ideas about the conference

It has been very beneficial to me i learnt alot and wow block chain is a serious solution to africa's problems because some countries have corruption and people embezzle funds so with block chain technology all transactions can be traced and seen by everyone so it there is no room for embezzlement of funds

The beauty about steemit is that it is public everyone can access another's account to see the information so there is no room for lies and even when a transaction is made, the whole world gets a notification about it so it simplifies tracing of the account in cases of theft.

Block chain technology helps to simplify life through transactions where someone can withdraw any amount of money at anytime without questioning yet banks have a long procedure for one to access a huge sum of money and sometimes it demoralises the people tho life becomes simplified when one uses block chain


Steemit team Uganda with Mr Rugunda Nkwame.


If you have a dream follow it till you archieve it Mr Kwame Rugunda was one of the major brains behind the organisation of Africa BlockChain Conference.
It was a dream he had and he held it up high confidently and proudly so here it was
What matters about a dream is how one archieves it and with the kind of people one archieves it with that either make the dream live or die
Giving up on your dream is never the solution and option but how you struggle to get to it is what makes the story interesting and inspirational for others not to give up


Fellow steemian @chrisbates was present and we interacted with him so well his ideas were so instrumental because he uses block chain to desgin a mechanism for land titles which simplifies life and helps to prevent land grabbers
In Uganda we have had issues of land grabbers but thanx to a hands on team they are being able to trace it all and with block chain being added to it, tracking will be easier and simplified so enbracing change important


As usual steemans with meeting various people, they got to meet the cyber expart himself and it was an amazing experience with him as he shared with us a number of ideas basically and how toi work with block chain in our country.
Interestingly, he had all details about steemit and shared with us a number of things
A fun filled day it was with sharing and getting new ideas with people all over Africa and the world at large .Come next yearbin Uganda again i will definately attend the Africa block chain conference

Was so honoured to see CZ himself the billioner who inspires many who rose from zero to a billioner in six months and because he was determined


Me and @jaraumoses and in the background is CZ the billioner the man who inspires many people with how he got rich


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