The joy of winning souls

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‪+256 772 760242‬ 20180728_084641.jpgIt so priceles to serve the Lord and i want to thank the Lord for the grace to serve him.
Every sunday after serves i go with my churchmates to evangalis but it feels so good to spreed the good news of our LORD AND SAVIOUR and while doing that God is also busy dealing with my problems puts a smile on my face someone to confes JESUS .and i want to encourage someone who has served God and u just feels like yo doing it in vain, it's not an easy thing to serve the Lord. There are times, we would want to give up maybe because we feel God is too slow or His too merciful to pass judgment on evil people, things are not going rosy for us and we all want the good things of life. Sometimes, we face rejection from those around us, we are being called names from friend and colleagues just because we refuse to compromise our standards. All these things are not easy, but the truth is whatever we do for the sake of Christ will never go in vain. God will always have a way of rewarding those who diligently seek Him. He doesn't forget.keep the FAITH

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Yes, there is joy there when you are aligned with Jesus.


mình mới đăng kí steemit được 2 ngày. mình chưa kiếm được xu nào. hy vọng sẽ được bạn bè cùng chia sẽ

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