UK General Election Discussion Who will win Conservatives, Labour?

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Entering the final day of campaigning before the polls open on Thursday, lets start a discussion on who will be the next prime minister. With Theresa May's celebratory 20 point lead in the polls now cut down the a meer four point lead the next PM hangs in the balance when you consider most polling companies admit a 3% point margin of error. Think it's not possible? I refer you to America 2016! 

This race truly has came down the the best of the worst, a choice between a cold, socially akward leader and a too sweet to be wholesome terrorist sympathiser.

Despite Betfair odds narrowing with regards to Corbyn from 18/1 they have become relatively subdued now sitting a 5/1.

Admist the three major terorists attacks both parties have failed to compile a strategy for dealing with radical Islamic terrorism. Of course both have sprouted endless platitudes of unity and Thersea May going invoking the narrative of net censorship. (Not the best news for Crypto/E2EE minded people like ourselves)

Corbyn on the other hand has called for more police on our street which I agree with it despite the fact that the Shadow home secretary recently made a mathematical mis-hap when attempting to cost 10000 police offices. Here's the video.

Corbyn also want to beef up intelligence to appartent predict future terrorist attacks like a Marxist mystic meg. God help us!

I really can't see Corbyn becoming prime minister. However, he connects with the masses, promising investment to a previous five years of austerity which May wants to continue. His proposals clearly appeal to a mass of mindless sheep much like they did when Clement Attlee (again of labour) won the post war 1945 election over Churchill almost bankrupting the country thanks to unrelenting post war socialism. So yeah that's what we are dealing with.

The question is what do you think?

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