Open Letter to the Houses of Parliament

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Just stop.
Please stop banning everything. Take some pages out of americas prohibition book. If you ban something, it goes underground, simple as that. People will still want/need whatever it is that you ban, all you're doing is passing government control of that product onto criminals.

Let people enjoy themselves. We should be allowed to do whatever the fuck we want to do as long as it dosen't harm anyone else.

What you didThe consequences
You increased tax on tobaccoA whole blackmarket industry is now built around tobacco smuggling.
You banned traditional recreational drugsDangerous "legal highs" swept the country, killing thousands, and ruining hundreds of thousands of lives. Criminals take over the multi-billion dollar drugs trade, funding organised crime, while paying absolutely no tax whatsoever.
You banned legal highs as wellNow a whole host of new, synthetic drugs are circulating in a completely unregulated black market with no regard for customer wellbeing
You banned pornThe porn ban is the next step in taking away every civil liberty. The plan is to have a massive database with everyone's porn habits stored on it along with their photo I'd and credit card info. Not a security precaution in sight. On top of this, people can simply use a vpn to bypass the block meaning it really only acts as a national wank log rather than a child safeguarding tool. Then theres the problem that people who can't access regular porn will possibly be led to more extreme, underground porn.
You banned brothelsprostitutes roam the streets and have no protection from stis, violence, or any career progression/flexibility.

I could name more bans, the list is endless, but these are some of the main ones.

Nanny State

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Banning brothels was a crime against paid love. I’d gladly exchange porn for brothels if given the choice.

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Yeah, I mean when it's legal, it's safer, the girls are professionals and the gov can make tax money from it so everyone wins.

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