An Appeal Against The Immigration Appeal Or Visa

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You can appeal to the court if you have the lawful option to challenge-you will usually be told if you do so in the letter of your decision. If you have been denied a Tier 1, 2, 4, or 5 Visa, you will be able to request an administrative review of the decision-your refusal letter will probably tell you if you can. The process of Administrative Review is distinct if you have applied for an EU settlement scheme.

After you have made your decision, you have 28 days for appealing. If you have to move out of the country before you are permitted to appeal, you have twenty-eight days to appeal after you have left the country. If you apply after the time limit, you must understand why-the court will decide whether your appeal can still be heard.

Ask for the oral hearing

On your appeal form, you may request that a judgment be taken either:

• Only concerning the data in your form of appeal and any files supplied to the court
• You can attend a hearing with your representatives

The court may decide to hold a hearing, even if you do not ask for one. You're going to be told if that's the case. If the court doesn't really hold hearings, the judge decides your case on the basis of your appeal documents and form.

How Can You Pay?

Hearings are held in public. You could even ask for that to be held in private or to be part of it via video link, but you should have a reason, such as a public hearing that would put you at risk. If you think there are issues in your appeal that make it appropriate, you can ask for a male or female judge. The court will decide whether to do this. You can pay your payment with a debit or credit card so if you make the UK visa appeal online or your details can be included in your appeal form. If your appeal is made, people can also pay the fee online.

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