2nd place alt-coin that deserves the hell sued out of it and its creator(s)

4년 전

So we can pretty much all agree that BCC was the most horrible (at least widespread) scam in crypto. According to reddit, some fool took out a $500,000 loan and bought all BCC with it. That's some hitman $$. Hopefully he got it from some bank and not some shark. Otherwise he isn't walking right now and probably isn't breathing either.

#2 place is UKG. There was a class-action filed approx. 1 month ago against the company and its founders and 10 anonymous "players".

Instead of using the value received in exchange for ukg tokens, Rahul Sood spent the money on expensive liquors, cigars, and cars. (His Instagram:@voodooftw shows him asking which color of chrome Porsche he should buy next. Had he won the lottery (I bet he thinks he did) he would be broke by now.

Also, the guys working for him shouldn't have gone out and called investors that lost money "clowns". That's textbook adding insult to injury. A proper CEO would have fired that employee, apologized, etc. But, clearly we aren't dealing with a proper CEO here...

Regardless, the legal action should teach him that he should have worked harder and that all of that money wasn't his, either.

Hand in the cookie jar. Time to get spanked.

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If you bought that $#!+coin, contact the SEC. They forced unikrn to shutdown the ukg and provide partial refunds to its holders. So I was right about it.