Ukraine Country Representative Report | @steemcurator06 Usage Scheme | 12.10.2020

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UPD: Approved @steemcurator06 Usage Scheme

13.10.2020 — @girolamomarotta
14.10.2020 — @olesia
15.10.2020 — @alikoc07
16.10.2020 — @knopka145
17.10.2020 — @antorv
18.10.2020 — @filinpaul
19.10.2020 — The Day for Extra Votes (Italy)
20.10.2020 — @girolamomarotta
21.10.2020 — @olesia
22.10.2020 — @alikoc07
23.10.2020 — @knopka145
24.10.2020 — @antorv
25.10.2020 — @filinpaul
26.10.2020 — The Day for Extra Votes (Turkey)
27.10.2020 — @girolamomarotta
28.10.2020 — @olesia
29.10.2020 — @alikoc07
30.10.2020 — @knopka145
31.10.2020 — @antorv
01.11.2020 — @filinpaul
02.11.2020 — The Day for Extra Votes (Russia)
03.11.2020 — @girolamomarotta
04.11.2020 — @olesia
05.11.2020 — @alikoc07
06.11.2020 — @knopka145
07.11.2020 — @antorv
08.11.2020 — @filinpaul
09.11.2020 — The Day for Extra Votes (Ukraine)

Hello, dear friends!

As @steemitblog announced today, @steemcurator06 account expands the coverage to the whole of Europe.

It means, the existing operators of @steemcurator06 account (@filinpaul, @knopka145, @antorv, and @olesia) will share it with the other European Country Representatives: @alikoc07 from Turkey & @girolamomarotta from Italy.

I’ve suggested to try the following rotation scheme for this week:
13.10.2020 — @girolamomarotta
14.10.2020 — @olesia
15.10.2020 — @alikoc07
16.10.2020 — @filinpaul
17.10.2020 — @antorv
18.10.2020 — @knopka145

Then the line should be repeated from the first one again.

I suggest trying the curation queue as I’ve mentioned first week, and then, 18th October, to analyze if everyone is satisfied.

@alikoc07 told us he’s gonna use @steemcurator06 for the SteemFoods Community curation (because there’s only 1 active Turkish Steemian on the platform), and asks to use the account twice a week. I think that would not be fair. Or, at least, we should analyse the situation before making a decision. Because, as @steemitblog mentioned, @steemcurator06 account expands the coverage to Europe, and most of the SteemFoods Community participants are Asian and Latin American (which means they have their own regional curators).

Anyway, we can decide the most fair way when we analyse the following week's curation results.

Also, I want to emphasize that users from Ukraine (also from Russia and Belarus) can be dormant temporarily — because they wait for the Country Culture Challenge and other numerous activities on Steemit.

I want to declare the list of Ukrainians whom I curate:
@antorv (self curation)

Also I put upvotes to @filinpaul & @knopka145, as they can self curate themselves once per 4 days.

And temporarily dormant accounts (no activity during the last 8 days), which are active in our Steemit Bloggers Tg chat at the same time and should be checked for new posts:

Also I check accounts of Belarusian Steemians who can start posting someting worth any time:

As a conclusion, I want to say, —

Happy curation, everyone, and enjoy! :)

To the attention of @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog.

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I totally agree your scheme and I think too reserving two days for the curation of steemfoods community could be unfair.
I have a proposal for giving an extra vote to every Country in a more balanced manner. I will explain it in a post.

Greetings to all of you ✌️

#onepercent #italy #italia #affable


Thank u, Girolamo! I am sure we'll find out really workable and fair way 🙌

#ukraine #affable


The post is ready...I'm curios to know what you think about it 🙂
Thanks a lot ✌️

#italy #italia #affable


@girolamomarotta we all agree, I wrote it already under your post :)
Let's wait what @alikoc07 says then.

#ukraine #affable

It is not a problem for me if it is not fair to you that I want to curate two days a week first. 1 user active in Turkey besides me there. I will be voting for posts in the SteemFoods Community already on my curation day. We support the content of SteemFoods Community with -steemcurator01, but due to the high number of our participants and the large number of posts published daily, I asked for my curation day to be twice a week. In 7 days, 6 different people curate and one day is free. Curating for me twice a week would be great for my Community to grow. With the support of Steemcurator01, we can rate a lot of quality content. There are times when we can't curate some posts as an extras. I respect your decision and follow the program, I state that it is not a problem for me.

What do you think about this subject? @steemcurator01


Hi, @alikoc07! Personally me — I liked what @girolamomarotta suggested in his post.

What we could do is reserve the seventh day for each of these nations in turn.
In this way, each nation will have an extra day each week and in total, in four weeks (therefore, more or less in a month), the total days of support will be divided as follows:
Russia/Belarus 9
Ukraine 9
Italy 5
Turkey 5

What do you think about it?

#affable #ukraine

Совершенно справедливо, ). Спасибо Юля, ты наш переводчик;)! Я испугалась сначала, по ому, что не знаю как общаться с представителями других стран без знания языка). Переводчик часто искажает. А здесь все четко). Всем вновь прибывшим удачи и добро пожаловать @girolamomarotta, @alikoc07


Все буде класно, як інакше!)))

#ukraine #affable