In last 24 hours "Ukraine Army has fired mortars, AGS-1, Tanks, APCs & RPGs" on DPR, says the Ukraine War "Rebel" (DPR) JCCC

4년 전

3rd Feb 2018
"Representation of the Donetsk People’s Republic in #JCCC notifies that for the past 24 hours the total number of violations by the AFU has been 15 times.
On the territory of the #DPR in violation of the Minsk agreements, as well as the agreements of armistice the following weapons were used.
Gorlovka direction
RPG/SPG – 7 grenades, large caliber weapons – 1 time, light small arms - 1 time.
Donetsk direction
Mortars 120 mm – 2 times (14 mines), 82 mm – 4 times (39 mines), BTR/BMP – 5 times (148 shots), RPG/SPG - 20 grenades, AGS – 6 times (184 grenades), large caliber weapon – 7 times; light small arms – 7 times.
Mariupol direction
Tanks – 1 time (6 shots), BMP/BTR – 1 time (10 shots), AGS – 2 times (58 grenade), large caliber weapons – 2 times, light small arms - 2 times.
Total number of ammunition used by AFU was 506 times.
Previous day the number of ammunition used in the territory of the DPR was 159 units.
On the previous day the number of ammunition used on the territory of DPR was 159 units.
Recall that the current armistice started from 01:00 Moscow time on December 23, 2017"

I ask that you follow me and watch my reports with an open mind. Do not trust only the MSM or anyone over thinking for yourself. I show you the information the MSM wont. Research and decide for your self

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