The Birth Of #ulog-macrohard To Capture Code-Story(s) Daily, While Celebrating Coding Error(s).

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@macrohard is a  growing enterprise that will add SWAG into the world of coding, turning code-stories into historical history, putting "everyone" into the  coding  ecosystem. We continue to grow to accomplish this to a larger effect down the road and a create a growth-fund to sustain @macrohard hubs that will suffice globally too. We will code with swag for steem from the nook and cranny of every nation.  

We will capture every code story as we will use this to unveil more ways to add SWAG into the programming ecosystem. 

Our core aim is to add balance into the entire world of programming to where "everyone" can suddenly participate.

We want to grow into an enterprise that also rewards attempts at out-of-the-boxness in the world of coding, in the form of documented errors etc. We want to read coding #teardrop stories that involves innovation and failed innovation. Documenting these stories has a lot of positives not only for us to have a wider array of case-studies for our model growth but to inspire "everyone" to be participants of the programming ecosystem. 

We will accomplish this on a large scale upon the full birth of

In the short term however, to spearhead this vimission, we are drafting a style-guide and specialized editor to be seated on in the coming days. We will also be adding a style-guide to the space #ulog-macrohard on

Before then, we will birth the hashtag #ulog-macrohard on steem to create awareness. 

#ulog-macrohard will allow "everyone" to start participating in the world of coding daily, even long before they know anything about codes. This we will make possible by allowing coders to relate their experiences in their daily #ulog(s) along with their errors. These contributions which we will look to incentivize. 

Note that is growing into a community-driven site. You will notice that overseers of #ulog-based and #ulog-generated hashtags are starting to be enlisted right on the site. Development is gradual but this will be the overall case. 

Passionate ones can begin a #ulog-based community and grow and sustain it and this model will be applicable to #ulog-macrohard as well. Overall, we want a peak into the life(s) of coders as well as; this is very much where SWAG lies. Yes, many have expertise and all but it doesn't make them less humans. They have feelings, ups & downs and our ability to peer into some aspect of their socialhood and cater to these needs too, will help them grow in these other facets, which translate into SWAG even into their coding-world.

We wanting a #ulogging-side to coding.

We will love contributions too in the form of videos. These will help us with our vimission of serving the search engines and social spaces with freshness per day, reshaping the entire internet. We want very shareable media and videos are a good form. 

Many times in the art of getting stuck, coders search videos from YouTube etc For simple tasks like replication of codes etc coding-enthusiasts shouldn't have tough times finding resources that exactly bail them out. This will happen more often if coders now engage in the art of #ulogging on #ulog-macrohard.

There is also the "logic" behind codes etc that may be just as important as the coding solutions themselves. Sometimes, that is where the real "getting stuck" is. Yes, not exactly in the algorithm but in the logic behind the algorithm.

Some coders simply want to understand this logic, so that they can be proactive in their methods of innovation etc and in many cases, these resources are limited but can be captured if "coder's errors are constantly documented and related".

e.g Someone sets up visual-code-studio software to edit his codes and where he needs to do a "yarn" command in terminal, then a "yarn dev" command thereafter; it may mean more to an amateur coder, the "logic" behind the application of the "yarn" command, moreso than knowing "at what stage he is to use the command".

Knowing the logic will help unstuck him, when the scenarios change.

We want to create a general balance in the world of coding and eventually create a more universal programming language, to where "everyone" can participate regardless of level of expertise; regardless of specialization.

The birth of #ulog-macrohard will help us on the path to attaining this. With the advent of blockchain, especially the steem blockchain, the presence of a community of veteran coders and blockchain coders and with the full use and exploration of the open-source economy, we are confident that we at @macrohard can accomplish this.

In the meantime, we continue to grow in our resources to support developers and everyone who joins in the journey of #ulogging on #ulog-macrohard on a larger scale down the road, especially with the birth of the teadrops SMT when it is in full-blown motion.

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