Ulog 21: Sending My Eldest to School Brings New Experiences

3년 전


I know what’s a student life because I was once a student but I never know what a parent’s life when you have a student child. So, sending my eldest to a formal school for the first time brought many first experiences for me. Now, I am bringing my son to school and fetching him after his class. In my son’s school, parents can only stay up to the gate. Sometimes before I leave his school seeing my son doing things independently makes me actually want to cry because of so much pride and it actually makes me realize that my son is becoming a grown up for real.

Now, I am also teaching my son at home with his lessons as well as his assignments. I make sure that he does all his assignment before another day starts. Now, I fully understand how to be a full time mother. It’s a lot of work really and requires a lot of patience and understanding. I can now imagine how my life would be when my youngest becomes a student as well.

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