Ulog 25: Memory Problems and a Day in our Newly Finished Neighborhood Playground

3년 전

Having been subjected to surgical operations three times, several dental operations and I guess aging I’m now frequently experiencing minor memory problems that at some point are becoming source of inconvenience. Earlier today, I forgot to do some tasks that are needed for my son’s school requirement and so we needed to go back to do what is required. And, when we were at the mall I forgot our umbrella at one of our stops. Such minor memory losses happen everyday and are quite alarming and I intend to take some memory supplement soon and hope they will work for me.

Also today, my son was able to play at our newly opened neighborhood playground and it was nice to know that my son can still shoot consistently a basketball. My dreams for him to become at least a varsity at school or a true professional basketball player still live. Moments like these are some proud moments for us parents in a way.


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