Ulog 26: Zero Waste Cooking of Coconut

3년 전

Today I bought grated coconut meat so my mother can cook ginataang kalabasa and sitaw with shrimp. Everyday, I fetch my son from school usually before lunch time. When we arrived in the house, I was surprised to see this food on our table. I was really impressed with my mother because she decided to cook the grated coconut meat after separating the coconut milk for a delicious dessert which I used to love when I was a kid. This food is quite easy to prepare but is really yummy. My mother only used three ingredients and those are coconut meat, brown sugar and water. We call it “bukayo” in our hometown and surely it is a great tasting dessert.


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Bakit may water pa 😊


Konti lng dw gurl sabi ng nanay ko para matunaw ang asukal 😂😅

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