#ULOG 015: A Household Lunch in Our Pastor’s House

3년 전


Our Pastor texted us today to have a conference meeting in their house early this morning to prepare for the upcoming anniversary in our church. Mostly the Youth will handle all the preparation needs especially on organizing the events and the sound system. We need to prepare it ahead of time so they have the idea on what is the theme in our anniversary and to make the it more final by asking all the council to approve it.


Since it’s getting late afternoon our Pastor’s wife decided to cook a food for us to share with their family so we can continue to plan for our anniversary. We finalized everything on that day and our Pastor approved of all the things that we are planning and we just waited for the council of our church to have a final verdict and make it more official. We can make a tarpaulin out of it and invite more people to attend in our church anniversary.





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