My Ulogs Diaries #ulog 7: Make Your ulog footers today from @phantum04 #ulog

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Information they say is power. I just got this information yesterday from a comment one of the uloggers made on Facebook, and I have decided to share it here for the benefit of those people who are oblivious of this just as I was before now. Let me start by first explaining what ulog footers is all about and some of the benefits in it.


Ulog footers is a gif image with the following details:

  • the normal ulug logo and motto (you are a celebrity, we are your fans)

  • your steemit username followed by the word "is now a ulogger"

  • a message telling everyone that @surpassinggoogle is the Creator of ulog

Functions of Ulog Footers

As a ulogger, this is the image you will be using at the end(footers) or beginning (headers) of every post you will be posting on ulog, that is when using #ulog as your first tag when posting on steemit.


  • Ulog footers stand as your signature when posting on steemit using #ulog as your first tag, as this helps verify your identity as a true ulogger to anyone reading your post.

  • It shows that you are truly committed to ulog community as a whole, and this makes the Creator, @surpassinggoogle and the entire ulog community trust you better.

  • It helps create awareness about #ulog to outsiders reading your post. This shows you have helped in contributing positively to the development of ulog community.

How I got my own footers from @phantum04

Immediately I saw the the information about the footer on Facebook, I logged in to my steemit account, after which I typed in this URL: which took me to @phantum04 steemit profile. I then looked for his most recent post where I told him I wanted a ulog footers through the post's comment box. He then replied by asking me to transfer 0.100SBD to him for the footer, which I instantly did alongside giving him details of my user name in the memo. 10 minutes later, I went back to the comment section where we were discussing the transaction earlier, To my surprise, my footer was already there waiting for me. I then downloaded it. And here I am to use it for the first time.
You can follow the same step to get yours today.

Contributions (addition or subtraction) are highly welcomed through the Comment box please

Thanks a lot for reading

I remain your humble ulogger @andymandy01


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haha..thank you for the mention! keep ulogging..

upvoted and resteemed!👍