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Who wants free IOST Tokens? 🤩🤑 We are giving away 10,000 IOSTokens to everyone who participates in our FACEBOOK REFERRAL PROMOTION. This will run until the 10,000 $$IOST give away is reached or 31st May, whichever comes first.

Note: It is already Tradeable in Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Kucoins and Bittrex


For every friend you refer - you get 25 IOST
New Member - you will get 15 IOST (Note: Please Put Ankarlie as the one who referred you.)
Please like any of the Facebook Posts in the page.
Please like IOST Pinoy Facebook Page

Members with the most number of Referrals (must be at least 25 referrals) will get additional IOST bonus as follows:

1st - 500 IOST
2nd - 300 IOST
3rd - 200 IOST

How to join:

Just join this facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/290971008234177/

NOTE: Distribution of all rewards will be done at the end of the promotion. We will also provide instructions on how to create an IOST account if you don't have one rewards will be sent through the account.

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IOST has been around for a while and I love the tokens. It won't hurt to have some stored up


Yup I have some stored and used to vote some node candidates.

@ankarlie, Good know about this, but i have stopped using Facebook few years back. Have a great time ahead.

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The referral contest is not that big just trying to help the node candidate to gain more followers on Facebook. Perhaps when Facebooks integrates blockchain into their platform and allow users to own their own data you can go back although there is only a small chance of that happening.


Yes, there is a less chance but we can expect the unexpected. 🙂

This project seem desperate!

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nah it is just a new project promoting itself. Actually it is a facebook referral contest being run one of the block producer candidate not IOST project itself.

What if I deleted my Facebook account a few months ago. If I create new one, will that be eligible?