Ulography: ¡Elaborating the traditional May cross!

2년 전

A cordial greeting to all my friends of steemit, this time I come to share with you my Ulography which tries to take a picture of you doing any activity in your day.

Every May 3 in Venezuela the celebration of the Santa Cruz de Mayo takes place, a celebration that takes place in the East, the Center and the West of the country. The celebration comes from our ancestors, who when arriving in May, adorned the Holy Cross with the first flowers of the year as an offering to obtain good fruits. In Venezuela, this tradition of dressing the cross as a link with the earth and the rains continued. With the passage of time, the celebration became synonymous with partying.


As an event of our country it is almost an oblation to elaborate one in our house of studies.
A group of teachers put to work for the development of this beautiful May Cross.




ulography | @ulogs and @surpassinggogle

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Camera used | Blu Studio G
Location | Caripito, Venezuela

This post was made from https://ulogs.org

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