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the making of editan soup

It was supposed to be my free day, but then it wasn't. As Mom got an urgent call to attend to a patient in her work place. So being the eldest in the house, I had to wear mommy's shoes again and again. Most firstborns will understand this better.

So, I had to decide what to offer my siblings and cousins as breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I started out with plantain porridge in the morning just so father can have something before leaving the house.
It went well and tasted good too.
Then, proceeded to make mtn-rice(prepared with palm oil hence, the name) for the remaining members of the family... Full house, being that this is long vacation).

It was after I finished giving them breakfast that I began my journey into the soup world.
Editan soup is one of the most common delicious delicacies that has over the years made her imprints in the homes of many Nigerian regions, especially in Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers States. The soup made with editan leave isn't just eaten as food, but is also believed to be of great medicinal values.
editan leaves on stalk

ploughed editan leaves

It's method of preparation is quite appealing, so I'll rather not bug you with the details of it. Due to it's high nutritional facts, it's becoming more increasingly expensive even in the local markets.

So, I spent a greater part of my day cooking this soup for my beloved family.
I tried as much as possible to take photos and videos of it, should anyone here who's not familiar with the soup wants to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed with myself at the end of it all cause it tasted great.
still on the process, how to cut it

If you are of one of those who love #foodAdventures like me and would love to try this out, just comment i need to know and I'll tag you on a sequel to this.

I just wanna use this opportunity to than team #Ulog @ulog, am using Ulogs.org to update this post and it's very easy and fun to type with, also a thank you to @surpassinggoogle for the encouragement he gives to young steemians, I may not have been a direct beneficiary but I have friends here who say a lot of good things about you and to @lordjames of @wafrica who has been very much helpful to me on my return to #steemit. To my #follows, I love you and to @michaeljerry0 for introducing me to #ulog.

From me to you, "a happy new week on steemit"...Thank you!

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Editan, I miss that soup like mad. I cooked Afang last Friday. I was over joy to have the taste of that in my mouth once again. Now seeing editan on your blog, I'm salivating.


Boss, just tell me when you're coming... I'll give you a treat to it.

Thanks for everything.