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Actually my rest day is not totally a rest day. Because I'm giving half of it to my wife @savel! I know one of the toughest job in the world is being a Mother. For sure a lot of people will agree. Because being a Mom has a lot of responsibilities. It is actually getting harder when you have a lot of kids. My rest day is every weekends. So to share My rest day to my wife I help her on some of her house hold chores. Last Saturday morning after I arrived home from Manila I just rest and sleep. Because my work was overnight. Then I replace my wife around noon to be on our sari sari store (unfortunately I forgot to take photos). I also told her to pay someone to do the washing of our clothes so she can rest. Then on the late afternoon I felt sleepy again coz you know my sleeping habits is no longer normal coz I work at night and sleep at daytime. When I woke up around 7pm I replaced her again on our sari sari store. Then I let her eat our dinner together with our kids. After eating she went to the computer and trying to compose her first "Ulog" post. I said you can do it in tagalog para hindi kana mahirapan. I saw her content is not yet finish when she go to bed. Then when our children are already sleeping she went again to the computer to finish her post. After posting she stand up and went to the sink to wash the dishes then I said don't do it coz its already 12am you should be sleeping by now. So I washed the dishes and let her sleep.


I remember she also told me that the plug of one of our electricfans is broken. So I fixed it after washing the dishes.



Then I went in front of computer to visit my steemit account. Then I started to think on what I have done on the passed hours so I can also post on Ulog.


When I was about to type in some words I remember again that my wife also told me to make some ice (yelo). She said, "maraming bumibili nyan sa umaga." So I made it and of course took a photo of it.


Then I also mapped the floor and clean some of the mess around.


I have seen a lot of ulog posts before but I didn't gave attentions to it. After I watched @surpassinggoogle video that's the time that I realized that Ulog is one of the best platform he created that is affiliated to steemit. So now I didn't need to think of something to post because I just need to post what I've been doing for my daily life. Thank you Terry for creating this. Awesome! So here's my first Ulog post now. Good early morning to everyone!

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good thing you chose to become a ulogger bro😊

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org


Yap! I saw how uloggers are helping each other. So count me in. I will also support and follow other uloggers. Thanks!🙂

I agree with you @ayerz Ulogs is a good platform for Steemit users. Congrats to @surpassinggoogle for coming up with the idea and implimenting it.


It's one of the best ideas I've seen so far that was made by a steemit user. Great job @surpassinggoogle!

Welcome to the #ulog community bro!!