#ULOG 14 : My Insights for June 12- Philippine Independence Day-are we real free?

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Today commemorates the Philippine Independence from the Spanish Empire. History itself reminds of the hardship the Filipino felt during the colonization. It was a day the heroes would long for but they never see what their effort to achieved the freedom we have now. They shed their own life and risk everything they have just to ignite nationalism in the heart of our forefathers. Their effort never goes in vain because their children, we their children has long been savoring the price of thwir blood.

What is the history behind our Independence?

This day June 12 is a national holiday here in the Philippines. Classes and public offices are suspended. What makes this day memorable is that most Filipinos spend the day in parks and the day usually started with a parade headed by the incumbent president with the police and military. The bus and jeepneys has limited route due to the parade but noone seems to complain because every Filipino is celebrating the day.

What makes it memorable? Today marks the Independence. What makes it memorable is the freedom the Philippines got from Spanish rulers last June 12, 1898.

In 1898 by the treaty of Paris the war between the Spain and United States was. ended. Spain surrendered the entire archipelago compriaing the Philippines to the United States. However, Filipino felt they are still behind the power of the United States and started a revolt in 1899 and achieved national sovereignity on July 4, 1946 through the treaty of Manila.Independence was observed July 4 from then on but with the Repuplic Act Number 4166 the holidaywas moved back to June 12 on August 4, 1964.

The facts remain that June 12 is widely known event of the Philippines all around the archipelago. But let me end this post with a question ARE WE REALLY FREE!!!?

Look around us...the influence of those who colonized us still runs in our life...the way we value their tradition remains in us...the way we think..the way we dress...the way we carry out our lives...the dependency from other countries...we remain to be a puppet...we remain to be oppressed.. we remain colonized by our own thoughts...yeah we tend to be the foe of our ownselves.

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I think it's so interesting to look back on a country's evolution. So many of them have similar stories, even if they are vastly different cultures. And yet, are any of us free? Can we be free if the world has borders, and we keep thinking in terms of us vs. them?

Steemit helps us remember that we're part of a worldwide community. Glad you're here. 💖


Thanks mam....blessed to be a part of the community