#ULOG 14: The memoir of rain...Another rainy day: why rain keep on pouring even it knows noone catch it....

2년 전

It's raining again!

And I remember so well the day that you left..its raining too hard and I can't help myself but cry with the rain

You are unfair making me believe that you are not going to leave. I heard you telling me when you saw me crying because someone did first than you do.

But here again I felt the pain that rain brought me....because you left without an explanation...and you wanted mejust accept what you have done...you are cruel...and life is cruel...

That maybe the reason why the rain never ceases stats to pour even it knows that noone will catch it up....rain just flow to where current lead them just like me flowing with the rain current...

I have abhor you...don't you feel my pain...you selfish!

I knew the pain will always remain and triggered everytime I felt the rain in me.

I have hated you more than you know...I hope you will realize someday that you have caused me not to believe in life and love again.

May you never regret what you have done...cause I knew someday nature will make a way for you to feel the pain that you cause.

Another rainy day...another memoirs of the past....

Please....don't be too hard for me...am crying again with you!

Thank you mam @beanz for supporting my journey...you knew what I mean...thank you for being there always.

@surpassinggoogle #ulogs and #teardrops here I am again with tears.

@enginewitty sir what else to ask for...I have every means to be part of your endeavor.

Photos are all mine

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You're a poet! Awesome sweets.

I can feel the pain in your post. I am out of words how to console you because I know it hurts. I hope someday you will find peacefulness even in rainy times. It will always come we cant control it, we need to accept rainy days is already part of life just like pain:)

Nice and poignant and very honest poem @baby07

nice post dear