#ULOG 6 : A day for a break...famdaysout!

2년 전

It's Saturday and I wanted to have a break from my daily routine as I have expressly said in my #ULOG 5. Working online is a great one. I spent most of my time with my computer and facebook group chats..along with my discord family. #votu and #thealliance

#greatkid said I want to eat in the pindutan (a table with buzzer)...I'm hungry too and I don't feel like cooking so I give in...he won again everytime dine out with him is the topic.

A post by the door for my #steemit post. Well it's a break from my work but still thinking online stuff. Lol!

I love the native design of the restaurant and a post in the table worth a click.

A groupie with fam...a smile worth the amount spent for this dinner and it will form part of the memories I have in life. A good day with the three of us.

I love the food...and promise I will be back next time...


Thanking the persos behind my steemit journey is one of the best part of making this post...a way of showing my gratitude to the person I owe so much.

Mam @beanz is a superwoman that serve as our knight in shining armor as she always our voice when unheard.

@surpassinggoogle as fan in our #ulog, #ulogs post...I became one of the #ULOGGER of the day. thank you sir for the #teardrops and you let us realize what is life in your #untalented.

@enginewitty sir thank you for suporting each and everyone of us in #thealliance and every steemians that you knew.

Photos are all mine

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Looks like a great place to eat! Thanks for sharing.

i am really enjoy see you activity, i like you have quality time with family...😊

What a pleasure to read about a part of your day. That food looks delicious? What is the name of the side dish of shredded vegetables? And that hot chili and tiny lime will be a great dipping sauce for your grilled chicken. Yum!!! Thanks for sharing.

Gotta love family time!