#ULOG 9: a day at the mall...eating..malling and a fun at Tom's World

2년 전

A day to remember form part of my summer days. I always cherish each day that passed by each summer because when the classes begin there will be no time to go out together.

A post with the video game. We played together with greatkid. We shoot the aliens together and we scored high...such a good way to enjoy the day....

A selfie with the screen. I love to share what I enjoy for the day.

We bought a cotton candy but qith a design its a very exciting one...it came with differnt designs. I love it since the seller decorate it quick.

After a long hours of malling we end up to a my favorite resto.

Another shot to show how we enjoy the day...


I thank mam @beanz for being too supportive to each of us in our journey. I am very grateful for all the rgings that you do.

For the great guy who created the tag #ULOG , #ULOGS forming part of the #ULOGGER community. Thank you for giving us the chance to be a celebrity even if we are not.

For the great guy #enginewitty who helps each and everyone of us in #thealliance giving his best with the program.

Photos are all mine

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Thanks @baby07. That looks like a Chuck e Cheese ??

#greatkid looks like he is having a blast. Thanks for sharing