ULOG 1: Past and Future

3년 전

Can you guess why this picture is titled "Past and Future"?

When the perfect subject shows itself, you shouldn't let the opportunity to capture it fly away.

This picture shows a narrative of how the two lovers met and how they end up. (Of course, this is only a product of my imagination)

IMG_2522 (3).JPG

I just really liked how this photo turned out so I decided to share it with you.

Taken using a Canon EOS 600D which I borrowed from my sister.

Now let's start my Ulog. So this is my very first Ulog...

During weekdays, I really don't have much going on because my usual routine is just to work. (Bahay Trabaho in other words).

When I come back from work, I just stay at home and read. Or catch up with my family and friends.

Today, I'm just thankful that the traffic is not that bad so my trip to and from work was stress-free.

I'm sorry if my Ulog is a little bit boring, I didn't realize that talking about myself will be this hard.

BUT!!!! I promise, I'll make it up to you (my reader) tomorrow.

For now, let me share my "Quote of the Day":


I've been reading a lot of Stoicism stuff lately so this is where it came from.

Ta! I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

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