ULOG 5: This Too Shall Pass...

3년 전

(The Storm)

Us Filipinos are known for our resiliency. We never fail to find something to smile about even when we are facing storms (literally and figuratively).

Most companies in the Philippines are not yet open to the idea of working remotely. Therefore, average Filipino workers are obliged to go to work despite the bad weather condition. If only we can work at the comfort of our homes especially when it's raining, but that's wishful thinking. The reality is, we have to line up under the rain to wait for a jeepney so we can go to work.

Much like what you can see in this picture. This is my reality. These are my fellow commuters while we were waiting for a jeepney to ride back home.


I'm not going to lie, it's not easy to commute especially when it's raining and you have to travel an a hour or more just to go home. But at the end of the day, with all this lining up and being wet. I am just thankful that I had a somewhat quiet and stress-free day at work.


And.. much like Kuya in this photo. I am very much thankful that I still have a job that provides for my needs.

Wishing everyone to stay safe and dry!


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