ULOG 9: A Sneak Peak at My Food Diary

2년 전
So I've been trying to eat healthy and spend less. I figured one way to do it is to cook my own food.

Every time I try to do this the first thing that comes to mind is FISH. Fish is healthy, yummy and depending on the fish, it can also be very cheap. Since I only cook for myself, a half kilo of fish will already provide me two meals.

I do not want to deprive myself of something delicious so I decided to cook one my favorite - Paksiw Na Tilapia. Bangus is really my favorite fish but since Bangus is not available then Tilapia was already a good alternative. Aside from it being so yummy, it also is very easy to cook. Just prepare the vinegar, pepper, ginger, chili and the fish. Put it in the pot. Boil for around 10 minutes and voila! A super easy and yummy meal is now ready! :)


And here's the "finish product". I ate this for dinner and breakfast. Uhm, yes. It might be weird for some, but I eat rice meal for breakfast.

IMG20180724175955 (2).jpg

I was not very successful with sticking with my goal for lunch because I could not resist Bagnet. It's basically deep fried pork which you can dip with any of your preferred sauce - bagoong, ketchup, soy sauce with calamansi or as I mentioned, anything! In my case, I prefer to eat it with Mang Tomas. This costs around $4 per serving or 200 in PHP. I went a little bit over budget. Yaiks!

IMG20180724122942 (2).jpg

Now for my dinner... Depending on my mood, but I usually do not eat a decent dinner. Today, I craved for Avocado so I had one for dinner. I just added condensed milk and ice in my Avocado. That's my dinner.

IMG20180725165313 (2).jpg

So that's my food journey for today. What do you think? Was I successful in reaching my goal? I'd love to hear about your favorite food too. Let me know in the comment section.


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you are a fantastic cook👨‍🍳👩‍🍳


haha not quite. but thank you @makesushi. :)

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