#Ulog2 Officially am +1 !( My journey through the F.A.R.M.B of life )

2년 전

Youth is the gift of nature, Age is the work of art. -Jerzy Lee

Birthdays comes with gratitude and reflection on how we have utilized the time we have been given. Through my journey on earth I have a lot of experience, memories and thoughts that I can't trade for anything.
As Faith Braide , I have five area of my life that are paramount to me

F: Family : A (close-knit) group of people related by blood, friendship, marriage, law, or custom, especially if they live or work together. My family is a gift of God to me. They have always been there for me in love, always believed in my dreams and vision. Family aren't meant to be perfect, they are meant to be appreciated and loved. Life without my family would have been unbearable and lonely, so I thank God for every one of them.
From my nuclear family to my extended family if there is an afterlife I would still love to come out from their lineage.
I must say that am blessed

A- Academics From childhood I have loved knowledge. Like they say knowledge is key, a compulsory one at that! Growing up i wanted to study pharmacy because of my love for chemistry and my outstanding results in calculations. That changed when I sought for admission, I later decided to apply for nursing and I ran a predigree course and I was offered Fisheries. I have never been disappointed like the day I went to check my result.
To cut the story short! Through research and counsel I have come to love Agriculture especially Fisheries because of it's unlimited resources and wealth.
So as a student, I strive to study wide and still I concentrate on my field because I have a lot to learn. Learning they say never end, I learn offline, online, observation etc.

R- Relationship: Basically, it's about relating with people . To the best of my knowledge, am an introvert inside and a bit of an extrovert outside and this determines how I relate with people. I do not force myself into people's life, though if am given a chance to come in , I try to give in my best to make the other person's life beautiful.
I have met the good , the bad but not the ugly , these experiences has been good because I get to learn new stuffs, though the bad may not the pleasant , I have learnt that situations does not define a person. So I give thanks in all!
My love life has been an amazing one indeed the path of the just shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect dawn. Having someone who loves you genuinely is not an easy deal ! Am keeping mine.

M: Ministry : When people hear this, what comes to mind is a Pastor or Reverend in robe clothings. Ministry has to do with your divine mandate. Every thing existing has a purpose for existence. Revelance in life comes through discovery of your existence. This is made possible through the manual of our life (Bible) and the Creator (God) . My sole purpose on earth is to show forth the praises of my saviour Jesus and to be a clear evidence of his goodness and glory , through my every day normal life, through my smile, givings, walk, talk etc.

B: Business. I love Agriculture and Crafting, especially agriculture!
My first business dealt on delivering chiffons to students and during the period of sales I learnt a lot, especially about recording of transactions, customer services, demanding for payment and debt management. It was nice.

As an Aspiring Aquaculturist, I would love to construct an institution that renders services on Education ,Entertainment, Business through Aquaculture! Am open for partnership of all kinds.

So in all I will say these few years has been an EXPERIENCE, And I won't trade it for anything! THANK YOU JESUS IN ALL
I still remain @braide from the heart of Port Harcourt.


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