Ulog #07: My Second Cash-out Experience

2년 전


Yesterday, I decided to transfer my earnings from steemit to coins.ph. I was a little scared it's because this is my first time to do it because on my first cash-out I asked someone to do it for me. After reading some helpful tutorials and tips I was able to do the whole process on my own. Today I go to a Cebuana Lhuiller to cash-out since I'm gonna used the money for the payment of my school uniform.

My Exprience

In second cash-out was really nerve breaking but I was very happy. I got a little scared because I might done something wrong and my earnings will be wasted, but luckily nothing something bad happened. The're a little confusion while I am on the remittance center but it was just fixed and I just need to fill-up a form and then there I had the money. I thanked to the employee of the remittance ship because he was so considerate on me. I was really happy and proud on my milestone in steemit.

I am incoming first year college student taking Medical Technology. Med Courses are really expensive and there are alot of stuff to buy, so large funds are really necessary. I am very thankful to Steemit because it helps me earn money to be useful, like today which is being used for my school uniform. This platform really helps students like me to earn money while studying which can be used to pay some school fees. I am not earning much in this platform but still I am very thankful cause at somehow it helps me with some expenses and to my family.

This is my seventh entry for #ulog, sharing my experience for my second pay-out. Hope you guys like it. I am very happy todays and I hope you are also. Thank you so much and Godbless.

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