Ulog #08: Happy Father's Day Papa

3년 전

On the special day today, celebrating the Father’s Day, dads should receive well-deserved thank your from their children. They should feel the celebration of their special day with their very big and important role - for being a father to whatever kind of way you can give to show gratitude to them.

Being a father bears the burden of the house, so they must be strong enough like a pillar to give support for their family. They give all their very best to give a good life, and better future for their family sake. Fathers chooses to sacrifice alot of things, and work very hard for their children. Being a father doesn't mean only as biological (science way) but you must also stand firm to take whole of the responsibility to transform yourself from a man to a real father. So to all real fathers across the globe you deserve a day. And also you don't need to be genetically or blood related just to be called his/her father, if you had the bond in your heart and had this fatherly love you are worthy to be called a Father.

And so to my father, here I made an open letter on how grateful I am for having you as my father.


Dear Papa,
No words could explain on how blessed I am to be called your daughter and you as my Papa. I am so lucky for coming in your life, and for cherishing me as your daughter. Papa thank you so much for all the things you've done for our family, for being a great pillar who continue to support in our home and in our hearts. Thank you for working so hard just to give us a stable living and a bright future. Thank you for your unending love and support to us. You are a great father and I love you so much Pa. Our family had faces a lot of ups and down but you always there at our side staying strong and cheering and supporting us. We were able to overcome problems because you choose to be optimistic in the midst of sadness, you are the light that lighten us to be strong and firm in life.

Papa, I really thank you for all the love, care and support. Especially in my studies, you really strive hard just to educate me and now I am in College thank you Papa for supporting me with my course, for supporting me on my dreams. We know my course is quite expensive but still you let me grab it, thank you papa for letting me to do it. I promise papa that I will really try my very best to finish my studies and repay you for all the sacrifices you done. Thank you so much papa. Papa we dreamt on visiting California, someday papa I will bring you there. Thank you so much and I love you always Papa.



*Thank you so much and Godbless

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