ULOG: 10 "154 Birds from Central Kalimantan Failed to be Smuggled to Surabaya"

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The Surabaya Center for Agricultural Quarantine (BBKP) failed to smuggle 154 illegal birds of various types. Hundreds of birds come from Central Kalimantan.

154 of these birds consist of 60 Green Cucak, 3 Beard Cucak, 53 Murai Batu, and 38 Tledekan. Hundreds of illegal birds were transported from Central Kalimantan using the Satya Kencana ship from the port of Kumai, Central Kalimantan.

When KM Satya Kencana docked at the North Jamrud Pier, Tanjuk Perak Harbor, officers then inspected the ship and found birds without documents.

"Officers who carried out the inspection on the ship found a truck carrying hundreds of birds that were hidden under a truck," Head of the Surabaya Office of Agricultural Quarantine (BBKP) Supervision and Suppression Latifatul Ainy told reporters on Tuesday (08/28/2018).

Latifatul said when officers found hundreds of birds hidden under trucks from Central Kalimantan, the officers confirmed the truck owner. But the truck owner cannot show documents.

"The bird is not equipped with a health certificate from its home region. So at that time detention was also carried out," said Latifatul.

Based on Law No 16 of 1992 concerning quarantine of animals, fish, plants, Article 6 of the article states that passing birds from areas to other areas in Indonesia must be equipped with certificates from the area of origin.

"Through designated places of entry and expenditure, and reported to local quarantine officers," said Latifatul.

He also added that if the party gives three days, the bird owner, if within the stipulated period of time, the Surabaya Agricultural Quarantine Agency will confiscate it.

"If we record in the time we will bring hundreds of birds to conservation to be released," he said.

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