ULOG: 12 "The marijuana syndicate in the Makassar Detention Center was dismantled by the police, one seller was secured"

3년 전

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A man named Tri alias Coklat, inmate in the Makassar Class I Penitentiary (Lapas) is now secured in the Makassar Polrestabes custody. He was arrested after he uncovered a case of circulation of marijuana about five kilograms he controlled from behind the bars of the Makassar Prison.

Tri revealed that this Chocolate uses the energy of Arjun (25) and Alam Jaya (23) to serve the order of marijuana ordered from Medan. As a result, when Arjun and Alam Jaya finished trading on the edge of Jalan Landak Baru, Makassar, on Thursday (8/30) afternoon, both of them were arrested by an eagle team of the Makassar Polrestabes drug unit.

Invisible Drug Polrestabes Makassar, Kompol Diari Astetika explained further, Arjun was the courier of one of the freight forwarding service bureaus in Makassar and the marijuana was sent from Medan through the shipping service bureau. This is the second order of Tri alias Coklat received by Arjun to be distributed to the person who ordered Tri. The first one weighs 1 kilogram and they successfully circulate.

It's just that, said Diari again, because drug trafficking syndicates are interrupted, so at this time it was not found who actually ordered the marijuana to Tri, so Tri ordered from Medan.

"It will all be revealed after Tri is examined. And earlier, Tri, we just got the bill (taken from the detention center) taken to the Polrestabes," Diari Astetika said to reporters on Friday (8/31).

He added that the Tri syndicate had not been found to be related to other cannabis syndicates that were first caught. Tri is a prisoner in Makassar Class I Detention Center because of drug cases.

Meanwhile, the security chief of Makassar Class I Detention Center, Ilham, who was confirmed via telephone line, confirmed Tri's question.

"Yes, last Thursday after Maghrib, we received information from the Makassar Police if there was an involvement of one of the prisoners in the circulation of a newly caught marijuana, named Tri. We immediately searched and put it in an isolation room. At 17:30 Tri had been taken by the police," Ilham said.

From the available data, said Ilham, this Tri can be sentenced to 8 years in prison but the prosecutor's appeal is in the Supreme Court.

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Why do many of these businesses run it ?, even though marijuana can damage the human brain that wears it

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