#ULOG 15 : Floods Hit Solok Regency, Two Residents Killed

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Flash floods hit Solok Regency, West Sumatra, on Thursday night September 6, 2018. Two local residents were reported killed because of the flood, one of them was identified as Amik, a resident of Balai Pinang.

However, according to officials from the local Disaster Management Agency, the two victims died not because they were washed away after their settlements were hit by flash floods but because of shock. Because they are called to have a history of heart disease.

"The two residents who died were not dragged down by the flood, but because both had a history of heart disease. Died from shock, "said Rumainur, Head of the West Sumatra Disaster and Logistics Emergency Division, on Friday, September 7, 2018.

The BPBD also reported that the disaster that struck the Bukit Sileh and Arosuka areas in Solok District injured four other residents, some diagnosed with hypothermia.

Based on the latest BPBD data, thousands of residents in the region were affected. But the condition is relatively normal. Residents assisted by joint officers have begun to clean up the remaining material carried by the floodwaters, such as mud and other objects.

Of the thousands of affected people, Rumainur said, 875 people were recorded with one of them died in Nagari Muaro Paneh, 750 people in Jorong Koto Panjang, 205 people in Jorong Koto Kaciek, 362 people in Jorong Tapi Ayie, Nagari Kinari, 357 people in Jorong Pamujaan, 365 jowa in Jorong Bungo Harum and 323 in Jorong Glg Tinggi.

The data is still temporary because BPBD is still re-examining the conditions in the affected locations. BPBD also seeks to channel logistics or urgent needs for people in need.

Considering that rainfall is still high potential, Rumainur reminds residents who live in the red zone to keep raising awareness. Moreover, there are several tributaries in the area, which can overflow at any time.

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So sad for affected area, i really fell sadness for flood

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