#ULOG 16 : Police Reveal Online Prostitution, A Pimp Secured

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Online prostitution in Banyuwangi was dismantled. A pimp was successfully secured in a disguise operation carried out by the police. His identity, VAA (29) a resident of Tamanbaru Village, Banyuwangi District.

The perpetrators run this online prostitution through Bee Talk social media. The practice of online prostitution was dismantled by Banyuwangi District Police Buser officers on Friday (7/9/18) night. The police disguised themselves as a masher who wanted to date VAA's men.

"Our undercover members communicate with the perpetrators through bee talk social media," explained Banyuwangi police chief AKP Ali Masduki to reporters on Saturday (08/09/2018).

The perpetrator eats the bait mounted by the police. Initially the perpetrator sent a number of photos of prostitutes owned. Finally it was agreed to order a prostitute with the initials TNA who was still 23 years old. After choosing the prostitute who will be dating, then a $ 115 dating rate is agreed for overnight.

"In addition, guests who order also have to pay USD 16 in return for the suspect," he said.

The amount of USD 115 is paid directly to the prostitute during the meeting. That night, a date was agreed to be made at the Jalan Piere Tendean room number 240. While the money paid to the Pimp for USD 16 must be paid before the date. Payment is made by transferring to the suspect's personal account.

After all was agreed, the police secured VAA. This woman was then taken to the Banyuwangi police station for inspection. From the results of the examination, it turns out that the suspect still gets an additional money of USD 16 from the specified dating rate. So that in total he gets a profit of USD 27 for each guest booking a prostitute.

For his actions, the suspect must now languish in the detention room of the Banyuwangi police station. The police ensnared him with article 2 paragraph (1) and (2) and article (12) of Law No. 21 of 2007 concerning the Eradication of Trafficking in Persons of Article 506, 296 of the Criminal Code.

"The evidences that we secure include a transfer proof of USD 16 to the suspect's account, USD 115 cash and scree-hot chat online via social media whatsapp and bee talk," said the police who once served as the KBO Resident of Banyuwangi Police.

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