ULOG: 18 "Reasoned For the Life of Children and Wives, Two Men Selling Drugs"

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Senapelan police station, Pekanbaru, Riau, arrested two dealers as well as drug traffickers across the province.

The perpetrator had the initials MS alias Mamang, a resident of Palembang and PI alias Ari, a resident of Pekanbaru.

They were arrested while carrying 11 packages of methamphetamine, 1,256 ecstasy pills and 50 Happy Five pills to Palembang.

Both perpetrators get a fee to deliver goods to the buyer. They claimed to have carried out the action three times.

For this time, Mamang claimed to be paid Rp. 6 million and Ari was paid Rp. 5 million. However, the money will be received after the goods arrive at the order.

"I do this for the cost of living for my wife and children, bro. I have no work," Mamang said
Kompas.com at Senapelan Police Headquarters, Thursday (09/13/2018).

The same thing was acknowledged by Ari. He also claimed that the money from drug trafficking was used as a cost to his child and wife.

"I also make shopping for children and wives. Sometimes I make it to play online games. There are no jobs," admitted Ari.

The two perpetrators also claimed to be paid a different amount.

"Yes, incorporated into the amount of goods we carry," replied Mamang.

Meanwhile, Pekanbaru Deputy Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Edy Sumardi said the two perpetrators were arrested on Tuesday (4/9/2018) then at around 1:00 p.m. in the eastern crossing of Tenayan Raya Subdistrict, Pekanbaru.

"The evidence of methamphetamine and ecstasy will be brought to Palembang by the suspect Mamang using travel transport," Edy Sumardi said on Thursday.

This illicit item, he continued, was received by Mamang from Ari's suspect.

"Ari was a courier suspect in Pekanbaru. He was hired to deliver goods to Mamang," Edy said.

Ari's acknowledgment of the police, methamphetamine and ecstasy was taken in a garbage can in Jalan Durian, Sukajadi District, Pekanbaru.

He claimed he did not recognize who the perpetrator put the items in the trash can.

"Ari's suspect claimed to communicate by telephone with the owner of the goods in Pekanbaru. Then he took and was taken to Mamang who was waiting at the Pekanbaru-Pelalawan border," said Edy.

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