ULOG: 20 "October, Electronic Traffic Law Tested at Sudirman-Thamrin"

3년 전

Img source : pixabay.com

Director of Traffic of the Metro Jaya Regional Police Commissioner Yusuf said, electronic traffic law enforcement (ETLE) would be tested in October in Jakarta.

"The trial was conducted at Jalan Sudirman to Thamrin," Yusuf said when met in his room on Monday (09/17/2018).

According to him, this trial will be carried out for one month.

Yusuf continued, the ticket will be conducted based on electronic data. High-tech CCTV cameras are installed at every intersection along Jalan Sudirman-Thamrin. Records of CCTV violations become the basis for the ticket.

"So the action against traffic violators through CCTV cameras. This camera can take photos or capture types of vehicles that violate both in day and night situations," Yusuf said.

The capture of images from CCTV will be sent directly to the Metro Jaya Police Traffic Management Center (TMC) for further analysis.

"Later there will be an officer who will see the captured image and will determine whether a traffic violation occurred and violate what article," he said.

Tickets will be sent to the residence of the offender. Furthermore, payment of ticket fees can be made through a bank.

Until now, his party is still conducting discussions with relevant parties to determine the amount of CCTV that will be installed and determine the trial mechanism later.

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