ULOG: 21 "52 Civil Servants Employees of DKI Jakarta Get Stuck in Corruption"

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DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan at Monas, Wednesday (09/19/2018). Regarding the emergence of data from the National Personnel Agency (BKN) regarding the existence of 52 civil servants from the DKI Provincial Government who were involved in corruption cases, DKI Governor Anies Baswedan promised to take action in accordance with existing regulations.

"We will follow all the provisions. If there are still those who violate we will immediately act. We improve the administration if there is a problem," Anies said after the Ceremony Commemorating the 73rd Ikada Giant Meeting at Monas Crossing, Wednesday (09/19/2018).

However, he stressed that there were lists that appeared which were no longer in the DKI Provincial Government.

According to Anies, he will take actions that refer to the existing provisions if there are civil servants of the DKI Provincial Government who commit acts of corruption.

"Just according to the provisions. So it's not the governor's taste, yes. I will refer to all the existing provisions," he said.

As previously reported,
Acting Head of the DKI Jakarta Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) Budihastuti said, in 2017-2018, civil servants who were dismissed were not respectful because there were 27 corruption cases and were still in the verbal process of 3 people.

"So if the dismissed person is already inkracht (legally enforceable, Red), the decision of the court is legally binding. But if it is still appeal-appeal, it is still at the first level, then once they process, they are suspended with a salary of 50 percent," said Budihastuti.

As many as 27 have been dismissed because they have been convicted, already inkracht.

Regarding data from BKN, it still checks again whether the data is old or new data. "Maybe the data includes data that was previously possible, we can confirm it. We will confirm it again with BKN. Later, after it is from BKN, we will match it," he said.

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