ULOG: 22 "Pretending to be a concrete cast supplier, three bloggers from Aceh were arrested by the police"

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Three bloggers from Aceh were arrested by the police after pretending to be a fictitious concrete cast supplier. The victim suffered a loss of Rp 86 million.

The three perpetrators were Salman Parisi (41), Teuku Darmastiawan (39), and Samsuna (38). The three Acehnese who live in South Tangerang, Banten.

The victim is PT Andica Parsaktian Abadi, a construction company in Palembang. In its action, the actors have their respective roles.

Salman pretended to be the director, Teuku as an employee, and Samsuna acted as telephone operator.

The mode is done by creating a blog site and sending emails to many companies as a bid for project tools. To be more convincing, on the blog site page uploaded a molen car and telephone number to contact.

In addition, they also create a fictitious branch office in the target area. Thus, the contractor will believe that this network is truly a professional supplier.

The Salman suspect, who is a fraud brain, admitted this idea was obtained from his friend. Then he was taught to make fake blog emails and accounts with laptop and cellphone capital. Then, they make accounts and ATMs from several banks. All savings books to get the account numbers they buy from residents.

"We made a good blog, I was taught by friends. Keep displaying decent photos so that people can believe," said Salman suspect at the South Sumatra Police Headquarters, Thursday (9/20).

He said, so far 12 companies had intended to order goods since the fraud mode began two months ago. However, only one company has deposited money to buy concrete casts to him.

"We don't use the system to meet directly, but by telephone. For the operators we have arranged, share the roles," he said.

Director of Ditreskrimum of South Sumatra Regional Police, Kombes Pol Budi Suryanto, said that the three suspects were arrested in one of the shops in Jalan Tekno Widia, BSD, South Tangerang, Banten, Tuesday (9/18). The evidence was secured in the form of dozens of ATM cards, passbooks, laptops, and a number of cellphones used by the three suspects in their fraud.

"So far, only one company has been victimized, namely from Palembang. Losses of Rp. 86 million," Budi said.

For his actions, the suspects were subject to Article 378 of the Criminal Code with the threat of imprisonment for seven years. Investigators are still developing their case because they are suspected of having been in action for a long time.
"We are still developing it, whether there are other victims or not. Victims should report to facilitate the investigation," he concluded.

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